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Baby Feeding Set & Travel Bag | Toddler plates and bowls | 2 Deep Silicone Baby Spoons | 2 Silicone toddler Bibs for Babies | Baby Plates with Suction | Baby Bowls with Suction | Baby Led Weaning Dish

Product Features:

    Minimize the mess! Babies make messes when they eat - it's a fact of life! The WayUvLife baby feeding set is here to help you minimize the mess and keep your baby's food where it should be - IN your baby! Not on the floor, table or your baby's…
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Product Description

Minimize the mess!

Babies make messes when they eat – it’s a fact of life! The WayUvLife baby feeding set is here to help you minimize the mess and keep your baby’s food where it should be – IN your baby! Not on the floor, table or your baby’s clothes!

Set includes 7 pieces!

Everything your baby or toddler will need for mealtime is included in this 7-piece set: a divided plate, a small bowl, 2 soft flexible silicone spoons and 2 large bibs. Each piece is made of the highest food-grade silicone which is mold and mildew resistant. This set is also freezer, oven and top-rack dishwasher safe! We even include a handy travel bag to make those on-the-go moments easier. Comes in two fun colors: Aqua Blue and Sunshine Yellow!

Being stuck is a good thing!

The kids plates with dividers and no spill bowls for toddlers come equipped with suction cups, which allow them to be securely attached to a high chair or table and prevents spilling or falling over. Each base, of the plate and bowl, also doubles as a placemat and can be folded to a compact size for travel or storage.

The art of eating!

The spoons have an improved design that includes a more efficient scoop, that is also flexible, so it is sensitive to little mouths for feeding baby. The bibs also have pockets on the bottom, that stay open, to easily catch any food that falls from your precious little one’s attempt to master – the art of eating!

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Product Features

  • 💛 MEALS ANYWHERE BABY GOES: Whether the high chair is at a restaurant or the kitchen table at home, it’s no problem. We’ve included a transparent soft silicone like material bag to hold all of your baby’s eating supplies for travel or storage. Your kids plates and bowl sets, feeding bibs, baby feeding bowls, silicone plate, self feeding spoon fit compact ready to go!
  • 💛 LESS MESS DINING EVERY TIME: Entire set is the highest food grade silicone (LFGB & FDA) approved with no white fillers! Our superior quality silicone bibs for babies and toddlers, prevent messy spills on your kid’s clothes and your floor! Our silicone bibs with food catchers stay open to catch your food falling edibles and toddler food, unlike flat plastic bibs for babies. Our silicone Bib for toddlers are specially designed lighter, less bulky, more adjustable, and secure than our competitor
  • 💛 THESE KIDS DISHES DON’T FLY: Our suction bowls and plates for baby set includes our patented designed suction toddler bowls, for infants to toddlers and a divided suction plate. Our patented feeding silicone suction bowl was specially designed with a small placemat secured by (4) suction cups to prevent the silicone bowl from being picked up and thrown by your little one! We assure you this is the most secure feeding bowl available! Our silicone suction plates for babies and suction plates fo
  • 💛 GET MORE IN EVERY BITE: This feeding set includes (2) silicone. Our specially designed baby utensils have a deeper and larger bottoms to hold the right amount of food in every bite! This is also great to accommodate the growth of your toddler’s growing appetite. The oval (head) of the spoon is slightly larger and deeper than all of our competitors silicone spoons!
  • 💛 REGISTRY BEST SELLERS: As a baby shower gift, these unbreakable containers and bibs in Aqua Blue and Sunshine Yellow are sure to be a hit! Moms and Dads will love that they easily attach to surfaces. Kids plates dishwasher and microwave safe; freezer, oven. Order your set today!

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