Monday , July 6th 2020
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Put Down Your Phone

Put Down Your Phone
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I had gotten to the airport too early for my flight, and as I become sitting at my gate with my coffee in my hand, I realized I turned into too tired to open my laptop or even have a look at my cellphone. This got me questioning; I puzzled what number of things we pass over even as we are on our telephones. We have all see the video of the woman texting on her smartphone at the same time as she changed into on foot in a mall and he or she walks directly into a fountain, head first. (If you haven’t seen that video, please do your self a favor and Google "Texting girl falls into fountain" believe me, you’ll be satisfied you did). I additionally recognize that everyone is on their telephones a majority of the time and 1,000,000 matters had been written approximately it, however because I became going to be sitting inside the airport all day, I decided to test. I placed away my phone and did some correct ole style humans looking. These are only some things I determined:

1. A guy spilling coffee throughout his shirt. I got to observe this event from start to finish – he fumbled together with his smartphone, coffee, and baggage. His espresso decided it might be better off on his blouse, you recognize, to unfastened up an additional hand.

2. Some creepy man become speaking to an similarly creepy female. Then while the creepy guy wasn’t looking, the female took a picture of him and texted if off to a chum or the FBI, nobody will realize for positive.

three. A little lady getting run over through her dad because she stopped lifeless in her tracks, mid-run, to look up at all the flip flops at the ceiling. (it’s an "art" set up on the Nashville Airport, not simply random flip flops thrown up at the ceiling of the airport).

4. A couple of their eighty’s walking hand in hand to their gate smiling and talking like they had been taking a stroll on a beautiful day in a park. Then they prevent right in the front of me, the old man leaned over and kissed his spouse on the cheek for no motive, and that they start strolling once more.

5. An entire university baseball team carrying their sun shades at the lower back in their heads at the same time as their gloves had been at the pinnacle of their heads… Yes, the complete crew.

6. So. Many. People. Running, no sprinting, to their gate, which was the gate proper subsequent to me, only for them to discover their flight was delayed for 3 and half of hours.

7. A 70 something girl who truly turned into a player inside the first Woodstock, plop proper down at the floor, plug her telephone in, installed her headphones and proceed to bounce even as sitting at the ground like nobody become looking, nicely due to the fact no one changed into.

8. A little lady with mild up footwear, fall, take off her footwear, and throw them at her Mom yelling "I can not walk in these they are making me dizzy!"

nine. Famous drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr., (nicely I’m 90% sure it turned into him), walked right beyond me… And as it’s Nashville, such a lot of musicians, and their gadgets.

A five-foot woman with a cello on her returned that seemed to be taller than her, running to her gate like she was in a race.

10. Then once I went into the toilet there, stalls over, have been a couple of 3-foot-long flippers and a passport, simply laying there at the ground.

Put down your phones and look around at all you’re missing. You might discover love right in front of you. You might encounter an vintage buddy. You might smile. You may cry. You may find someone who needs a few help, although it is simply the tissues on your bag. What will maximum absolutely occur is you’ll be a part of the present human race. You might not stroll right into a wall or a person or a fountain due to the fact you will be staring at existence around you like it is meant to be seen, stay and real.

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